General Ownership

  • Your ownership week consists of seven (7) consecutive nights commencing at check in time on a Friday and concluding at check out on the following Friday.
  • Ownership is either Annual (an A appears at the end of your contract number) or Biennial (an E or O appears at the end of your contract number). Annual ownership entitles you to stay one (1) week each calendar year during your season. Biennial ownership entitles you to stay one (1) week every other calendar year during your season. Owners with biennial E contracts may visit on even numbered years while owners with biennial O contracts may visit on odd numbered years.
  • Seasons are selected at the time of purchase. If you do not remember which season you selected, the last two digits of your contract number specify your selected season.
    Season Week Number
    Prime 16-42
    Flex 09-15, 43-47, 51-52
    Sport 01-08, 48-50
  • Vacation Ownership Association dues are billed annually and due at the first of every year. When making a reservation for a different calendar year, dues must be paid by December 15th of the current calendar year to maintain the reservation (ie: reserving week for 2018, dues paid by December 15, 2017).
  • All units are one (1) bedroom and include one (1) king size bed and one (1) pull out sofa sleeper. There is a maximum occupancy of four (4) for each unit.
  • All units are non-smoking.
  • No pets are permitted on the property.
  • No barbecues are permitted.

Making Reservations Using Your Ownership Week

  • Reservations are accepted up to one (1) year in advance of check in date and are subject to availability.
  • Weeks are from Friday-Friday, 7 nights.
  • Reservations must be requested for the season owned and the calendar year of ownership week used.
  • Reservations can be made only by the individual name(s) that appear on the FCC contract. However, the actual week can be used by whomever the owner designates. This must be determined prior to guest check in.
  • Cancellation must be made a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to the reservation check in date or week will be forfeited for future use.
  • Any special requests for unit location will be accepted but never guaranteed.
  • Any unused days and/or nights, i.e. late check in or early check out, will be forfeited for any future use.
  • If necessary, will update owner address, phone, e mail, vehicle, watercraft, etc. information.
  • Exchanging ownership week out of First Cabin Club requires depositing your week with an exchange company. Please refer to “Exchange Opportunities” for further information.
  • Your ownership week must be used at FCC in the calendar year or deposited with an exchange company no later than July 1st of the calendar year or the week will be lost.

Bonus Time Reservations

  • Owners are permitted to use a maximum of seven (7) nights per quarter, based on a calendar year.
  • Biennial owners are permitted use on the opposite year of their ownership week.
  • Reservations require a two (2) night minimum and have a seven (7) night maximum.
  • The seasonal nightly rates are plus tax, $75/$85/$105, 7 days a week.
  • Bonus time can be used by owner and immediate family only.
  • Reservations accepted twenty-one (21) days or less from desired check in date.
  • Subject to availability.
  • Cancellation on reservations is seventy-two (72) hours in advance of check in date or owner will be billed one (1) night’s room and tax.